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Cc Sabathia Is Having A Good Time In New York


CC Sabathia Is Having A Good Time In New York
June 15, 2009 – 8:30 am by Tas Melas
CC and AJ were supposed to lead the Yanks to the promise land after signing ridiculously large free agent contracts this past offseason.  After a rocky start, the Yanks are on their typical track of recent years: being good, but not great.  Sabathia has been the better of the free agent duo and truly seems like he’s enjoying his time in the apple.  He has over 160 million reasons to be happy, yes, but transferring cities is never easy and he’s handled it well.  It looks like we’re going to have a fantastic season in the AL East.  Tampa, NY, Boston, and even those hot-starting, cool-finishing Blue Jays are around.  Sabathia joined Mike Francesa on WFAN to discuss how the new stadium is different, what he was worried about coming to the Yanks, and if he pitches differently in Fenway Park.
On if he pitches any differently in Fenway Park:
“No, I pitch the same.  I always pitch the same.  It’s tough to try to change your game like that.  You know, I have to command the inside part of the plate and my changeup and my two-seamer away, I need those pitches so I need the guys to get off of that so I need to pitch them in.”
On his time in New York so far:
“It’s been great.  The clubhouse and everything’s been unbelievable and that’s what I was worried about, just being comfortable and fitting into the clubhouse.  That’s been unbelievable, so I’ve been definitely enjoying my time here.  My family’s gotten adjusted, we’re moving out here so everybody’s happy, so I look forward to having some good years here.”
On how the new stadium is different:
“I think right field is short, just like it was in the old park, but you’ve still gotta hit it to get it out in the alleys and to left field.  So we’ll have to see over time I guess, but right now you still have to hit it to get it out in the bullpens.”
Listen to CC Sabathia on WFAN with Mike Francesa
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