Carlos Rogers Calls Jim Harbaugh “A Little Crazy,” Speaks Highly of Former Coach Gregg Williams

Carlos Rogers Calls Jim Harbaugh “A Little Crazy,” Speaks Highly of Former Coach Gregg Williams

All it took was one great year to change everything for Carlos Rogers. The veteran cornerback could only muster a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers as a free agent last summer, but after a big season, Rogers is locked in now for the next four years. Carlos Rogers joined Mayhem in the AM on 790 The Zone in Atlanta to discuss the “college mentality” of his unique head coach Jim Harbaugh, as well as the bounty scandal, which involved his former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams.

On playing for Jim Harbaugh:

“It’s fun. He’s a little crazy. He do things different than, I would say, a normal head coach. You’ll see the guy holding field goals for [David] Akers, taking snaps at quarterback, throwing the ball to the receivers when they’re going over their routes, over there talking to DBs like he really knows what’s going on, and just having fun throughout the whole practice. He has fun and he interacts with every position.”

On Harbaugh still having what he termed “the college mentality”:

“Long practices, long meetings. We was there from I guess eight in the morning till probably eight at night. This is a — since I’ve been in the league — longest training camp I’ve had as far as meetings. And you still kinda see some of his things where he goes about — as college students, you take more time to learn stuff. With older guys, some guys have been in the league for a while. Even with them, once you come into the NFL, you gotta learn stuff fast. You can’t sit there and coach everybody like they’re coming from high school to college. These guys, being through college at least three years and a couple years in the league, and even when you come in as a rookie you got to catch on fast. You can’t sit back and wait on the coach to give you extra time. You need extra time, it’s time after everybody leave. Get with your coach then. But other than that, it’s nothing that we complain about. He’s a wonderful coach.”

On Roger Goodell’s handling of the bounty scandal and bounties in general: “The way he go about things is kind of crazy to me, but I’m not into the whole bounty thing. If guys going out there to hurt guys for a couple of thousand dollars when you basically can get fined by the league for $15,000, it just doesn’t add out to me. A lot of people do their little system things where you make a big play, you make a big hit or you get a interception and you return it for a touchdown — different positions have pots. But to say you go out and intentionally hurt a guy for for a couple of thousand dollars to get fined by the league $15,000 and even more, that just doesn’t add up.”

On Gregg Williams:

“Gregg just wants you to play hard, get them down, however it is necessary, but some of the stuff that went on the Saints, I’ve never been a part of. That wasn’t in Washington, and I don’t know the extent to it if it’s true. But other than that, I still think Gregg is one of the best defensive coordinators, one of the best persons and one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around.”

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