Carlos Condit Will Get a Shot to Fulfill His Dream


Carlos Condit Will Get a Shot to Fulfill His Dream

Georges St. Pierre has won his last nine fights and you have to go back to UFC 68 when he last lost inside the octagon. Carlos Condit will get his chance to end that winning streak at UFC 137. Condit was preparing for his fight with BJ Penn on that same card when he got the news that he would replace Nick Diaz and get a shot at the welterweight title. Diaz was scheduled to take on GSP in a showdown of the two top welterweights in the world, but Diaz decided not to show up to promotional press conferences in Toronto and Las Vegas last week and UFC President Dana White rightfully removed Diaz from the fight.That’s his loss. His one title shot has been ripped away, he is going to have to take a pay cut, and this pompous move took him off the main event. It’s also Condit’s gain even though I’m not convinced he has really earned it at this point. Not only will he get an increase in pay now that he is headlining the card and will have a chance to make his dream a reality. Carlos Condit joined ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas to talk about what he thought when he heard he was facing Georges St. Pierre, if he was aware that Nick Diaz missed his press conferences, what he thinks about GSP as a fighter, if it is his goal to knockout all of his opponents, what he makes of Nick missing his press conferences.

What he thought when he heard the news that he was facing Georges St. Pierre:

“Yeah well I heard the news and pretty much jumped on an airplane an hour or two later to go to Vegas and get the P.R. thing going. That went for about 24 hours or more. I finally got home last night and after I had a chance to train today I had a really good day to digest everything. I feel good about it and I’m excited.”

If he was aware that Diaz missed his press conferences:

“I actually wasn’t aware. I was pretty focused on training for B.J (Penn). I’m in camp and I’m not too up on the current events. It really was a surprise.”

What he thinks of Georges St. Pierre as a fighter:

“George is an incredible fighter. He’s dynamic, he’s got some really, really good striking that he hasn’t shown a whole lot of lately, it’s mostly been jabs and that kind of thing. His wrestling has been awesome. I don’t need to tell you guys that, everyone knows that. He’s an incredibly well-rounded fighter, he’s an incredible athlete, and he’s gonna be a very tough puzzle to solve. I think a lot of the guys I have fought in the past have had a problem with my well-rounded skill-set. I’m able to give guys a problem whether it’s standing or on the ground. I try to make guys uncomfortable no matter where the fight goes. If a guy is on top of me I’m still attacking, still offensive, and that kinda gives me opportunities to stand back up and get into my striking game or set-up submissions. I don’t know how this fight is going to play out and I know I have a monumental task ahead of me, but I’m ready for it. I’m as ready as I’ve ever been.”

How scared he was at the beginning of last season because of his knee injury:

“That’s just how I fight. If you look at my record I come to finish. That’s just my approach. Some guys feel like having a safe game plan and playing it conservative makes them same in the cage. My approach is I’m not safe in there until that guy is not moving anymore, until the ref stops it. I’m doing everything in my power to end the fight so I can get out of there and get on.”

What he thinks of Nick Diaz losing his title shot:

“Well Nick lost his title shot. I would take a pay cut any day over losing a title shot. It’s crazy to me that he threw it away just for, well I don’t even know why. A big part of this sport and fighting in the UFC and being at this level is selling fights. Doing promotion and doing media is part of that. If you can’t do it then I don’t know if you necessarily deserve to be the number one contender.”

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