Carl Landry Talks About Being Shot

Carl Landry Talks About Being Shot

Houston Rockets second year forward Carl Landry was shot in the left calf after his car was hit twice and he went to inspect the damage.  The Houston Chroncicle  has the details.It sure seems to me that Carl Landry was targeted by the two guys that shot him.  They hit him twice and then shot him in the leg before fleeing.  Not sure if it’s over a girl, but isn’t it always.  I fully expect more to come out that this isn’t just random.Thankfully, Carl Landry is physically alright and he should be back on the court in a few weeks.  He was back at Rockets practice today and KILT in Houston has the audio. He gives crazy details out that we didn’t know such as ringing doorbells up and down the block hoping someone would help him.“You always see that type of stuff on TV and you hear it about in the newspaper or watch the news, but you never think it can happen to you.  Last night I was really scared when the bullets were flying and I’m just glad it hit me in a place where I could continue to run and get away.”

On what happened after his car was hit twice:

“I knew something was going on like they were looking for somebody.  Both of the guys got out of the car, I tried to plead my case saying that I’m not the guy they were looking for, but immediately they started shooting.  Two shots were fired and the second shot hit me in the left calf.”

On how he’s dealing with what happened:

“It’s tough, I’m always sweating and thinking about it all day, everyday.  It’s alright, I’m blessed to be here.  Things like that, people don’t survive getting shot at some times and I”m blessed to be here.  Life just has to go on.”
Listen to Carl Landry on KILT in Houston

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