Buster Posey Will Adjust Where He Positions Himself Next Time There Is a Play at the Plate

Buster Posey Will Adjust Where He Positions Himself Next Time There Is a Play at the Plate

For Buster Posey, 2011 was a season to forget. The Giants best offensive player was injured at the end of May in a frightening home-plate collision with Florida’s Scott Cousins The All-Star catcher watched from home as his team’s chances to repeat as World Series champions went down the drain without him a year ago. Heading into this season, Posey continues to be one of the biggest questions surrounding the Giants. All eyes have been placed on the 2010 NL Rookie of the Year as he tries to recover from his ankle injury. Every move he makes is monitored by the organization and the fans. Everyone in San Francisco knows how vital he is to the team’s success. His bat is needed in the middle of that lineup and is irreplaceable. Posey was back behind the plate this spring and if the Giants want to have any chance of reclaiming their spot at the top of the NL West, they need to make sure it stays that way. Buster Posey joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about how spring training has gone for him, what the toughest part of rehab was for him, how many times he was watched the replay of his collision at the plate, if he plans on changing where he puts himself on those kinds of plays, and what is fair game when it comes to a runner and a play at the plate in baseball.

How spring training has gone for him:

“It’s great. I think we’re all ready to get out of here and get going with the real season. This last week or so are kind of the dog days of spring.”

On the toughest part of rehab:

“I think it’s just the time. It’s just knowing that I can do as much as I can but at the same time only time is going to heal this thing. Obviously the rehab can speed that up a bit and just waiting around.”

How many times he has seen the replay of the collision:

“I don’t like pull it up on DVR and watch it but I mean it’s still on frequently and was on a lot after it happened. I’ve seen it a fair amount.”

If he plans on changing his position when it comes to blocking the plate:

“Dan last year I was still set up in front of the plate but this year I’m going to be a bit further in front of the plate so the runner has a clear shot at the plate. Like I said last year I was in front of the plate too and it was just kind of bad luck.”

What is fair game when it comes to blocking the plate in baseball:

“Anything is fair game whether you are on the plate or you are not. The biggest thing for us and what I’ve taken away from this experience is regardless of where I am on the plate I need to make sure my body is in the best possible position it can be if I do take a shot.”

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