Buster Posey: “There Won’t be Another Derek Jeter. You have to Blaze Your Own Trail.”

The comparisons have been made. Buster Posey has played two healthy seasons in the major leagues with both ending in a World Series title. He’s been called the Derek Jeter of the West, but the Giants star catcher doesn’t want to get caught up in the hype. Posey is gearing up to defend his World Series title and that’s all that matters to him at this point. Buster Posey joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco with Bucher and Towny to discuss being compared to Derek Jeter, building off his success from last season, improvements he’s looking to make in his game, staying fresh during spring training and the Giants looking for a repeat with virtually the same roster that won the World Series last year.

On being compared to Derek Jeter early in his career:

“Well it’s a great compliment, that’s for sure. I guess there are a few comparisons for the first few years of our careers. He’s got a few more years under his belt and a few more titles, so I think every guy is different. There won’t be another Derek Jeter. I think you have to blaze your own trail and keep doing the things that have made you successful.”

How do you build off what you were able to accomplish last year?

“Well I think this is a great time, and the offseason is a great time, to tweak little things and try to improve on some weaknesses and get better in areas that you think you are strong in. That’s the main thing, I think, be willing to take some chances on things and try new stuff to constantly try to get better.”

What are you looking to improve on this season?

“I’ve gotten that question a few times. I kind of like to keep those to myself. Yeah, I have my little list that I keep in my head, but I usually keep those to myself.”

With the World Baseball Classic there’s going to be a longer spring training. How do you stay fresh?

“I’m fortunate. I think I have a good communication with Bruce Bochy and our training staff to kind of come up with a game plan. Like I said, it’s a really long spring training and was just kind of looking at the schedule and we open up this weekend and after that it’s like five weeks left here, so it is a lot of games. I think everybody’s goal is to be feeling as good as you possibly can on that opening day, so some guys might want some more work than others, but I think it’s up to the player to try to figure out what it takes to be ready on April 1.”

What does it mean to you that the organization kept 21 of 25 guys from last year’s championship team? You essentially have the same roster looking to repeat?

“It’s a pretty cool deal. It’d be interesting to know how many teams won the World Series the previous year have brought more guys back than we have. I imagine we gotta be up there close to the top, so we gotta great group of guys that have fun together in the clubhouse, but we know when we step on the field we’ve got a job to take care of, and we enjoy going out and competing against each other. You were able to see that last year with our backs against the wall in the playoffs. You have to buy into that you are going to play for the guy next to you. I think that’s what we have in this group of guys.”

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