Buddy Ryan On Twin Sons Coaching Against Each Other Sunday Night Rob Feels Very Confident And So Does Rex Of Course

Buddy Ryan on Twin Sons Coaching Against Each Other Sunday Night: “Rob feels very confident, and so does Rex of course.”

In the early 1990′s when coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, Buddy Ryan was putting bounties out to hurt players on the Dallas Cowboys. Nowadays he is the proud father of two of the loudest mouths in all of the NFL when it comes to coaching.  He’s also in a serious bout with cancer that has spread to his neck. But the proud father will delay surgery so he can see his two boys coach against one another this Sunday night.Who does Buddy Ryan want to see win this game between the Cowboys and Jets? Well he won’t say for now. Buddy remains hopeful there will be no injuries that occur in this game and he still contends there is no hatred for the Dallas Cowboys dating back to his coaching days. Buddy Ryan joined 105.3 The Fan in Dallas with Shan Shariff and RJ Choppy to discuss his health status right now before surgery, how much advice he gave to Rob and Rex about handling this entire week, the differences in the defenses run by the Cowboys and Jets, the Cowboys lacking depth in the secondary, getting use to Rob wearing a Cowboys shirt, the Cowboys vs. Buddy Ryan matchup being overrated, not hating the Cowboys any longer because Rob is coaching for them and his prediction for who will win Sunday night’s game between the Cowboys and Jets in the battle of the Ryan brothers.First off how are you doing health wise?“I am hanging in there.


I am going to get operated on the 16th [of September], so when I get back from the football game I’ll have it [cancer] cut out. I hope we get it all.”How much advice have you been giving to Rob and Rex this entire week? How much are you talking to them about this game?“Really we just talk basically about Matthew, Rob’s big son, that plays football down there in Texas. So he talks about the kids. Rob feels very confident and so does Rex of course. They have played each other several times before.”What are the differences in the two defenses that Rob and Rex Ryan run?“I don’t really see a lot of differences on TV. Rex has got those three corners that look fine.”How big of a problem does Rob have with the Cowboys lacking depth in the secondary with all these injuries?“Well it’s not very good whenever you have players hurt. You got players hurt and that’s what you worry about in the game plan and I just hope nobody gets hurt. Dallas already you said got a couple of people hurt already and the game hasn’t started yet.”We know your history with the Cowboys.

Is it hard getting use to Rob wearing a Cowboys shirt?“No I played and coached against a lot of…every team in the league. It depends who you are playing for and who you are playing against.”Is the Cowboys vs. Buddy Ryan matchup overrated to you? Do you still feel that way about the Cowboys going back to your Eagles days?“When I went to Philadelphia on my radio show, the first one I did, there was a girl that had a tee-shirt on that said ‘I pull for two teams. The Philadelphia Eagles and whoever plays Dallas.’ That was the philosophy of the whole Philadelphia area and the rivalry was already there awhile before I got there. I just threw a little gas on the fire.”Is it still that way now in terms of hating the Cowboys even though Rob is coaching them?“Oh no. I pull for Rob Ryan.”What’s the official prediction for the game?“I think it will be close. I hope as I said before nobody gets hurt and they can finish out the season and maybe it’ll be the two teams in the Super Bowl. [Host: You can’t pick a tie on us!] The main thing as I said I am looking forward to the game. I think it’ll be a good game and it may go into overtime.” Listen to Buddy Ryan on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas hereTags: Buddy Ryan, Cowboys v.s. Jets, Dallas Cowboys, NFL, Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan


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