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Bucs’ Running Back Doug Martin: “Stop Calling Me Muscle Hamster”

Sometimes rather quietly, Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin put together one heck of a rookie season, rushing for more than 1,450 yards and 11 touchdowns and adding nearly 500 more yards receiving. Along the way, he also picked up the nickname “Muscle Hamster,” though it never really grew on him and now he’s pleading with everyone out there to stop using it. Doug Martin joined WDAE in Tampa with Steve Duemig to discuss his surprising rookie season, not hitting the rookie wall, going to the Pro Bowl, when the game slowed down for him, the track the Buccaneers are on, playing with Josh Freeman and to plead with everyone to stop calling him “Muscle Hamster.”

Did you ever think you’d have the rookie season that you did?:

“I would hope that in my future, eventually in my career, that I would. But so early? Probably not. I’ve been blessed. I’m taking advantage, enjoying this time and reflecting on the past season.”

On not hitting the proverbial rookie wall:

“It such a long season for rookies. You have to train for the Senior Bowl, the combine, pro days and flying all around to visits. All that’s kind of stressful on your body. On top of that, you’ve got to play a whole season of NFL football. … I kind of expected [to carry the load]. It wasn’t out of my mind. I was aware, so I was prepared for it mentally.”

On playing in his first Pro Bowl:

“The trip was a blast. It was fun. I had my mom and dad and sister. They were all down there. We had an awesome time. With the game of football, it’s a physical game and nobody likes to get hurt playing in the Pro Bowl. We’re all trying to be smart when we play, but at the end of the day it is what it is.”

When did you feel the game finally slow down for you?:

“Probably after that bye week. I just told myself, ‘Just play the game. Just have fun. Just go out there and just have fun and play football.’ You have to let your blocks develop and be patient and find that hole.”

Do you see greatness building up with this team?:

“It’s definitely a goal that we’re striving to hit, and hopefully sooner than later. We’re working toward it.”

On playing with Josh Freeman:

“Josh did an awesome job. He’s breaking records. It was a new offense and we just have to mold and be one offense and be more consistent and play better football. But he did an awesome job.”

Pleading for people to stop calling him “Muscle Hamster:”

“Stop calling me Muscle Hamster. I’m just telling everybody right now: Stop calling me Muscle Hamster. Dougernaut, Dougernator, Muscle & Hustle, any of those are fine. But Muscle Hamster has to stop. Doug is fine, also. The Muscle Hamster has to stop. Stop it.”

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