Brock Osweiler on Teaming Up with John Elway and Peyton Manning in Denver: “It’s a Quarterback’s Dream”

The Denver Broncos added their quarterback of now in free agency in March. In April, they’ve added insurance for said quarterback, and quite possibly their quarterback of the future as well. That pressure falls on the shoulders of 21-year-old Arizona State product Brock Osweiler, who will likely become Peyton Manning’s backup after being taken by Denver in the second round of last week’s NFL draft. Brock Osweiler joined 92.3 The Ticket in Denver to discuss his new gig in Denver playing for John Elway and under Peyton Manning. He also touched on how high the Broncos were on his list of potential teams, whether the Broncos staff has communicated any changes they want to see from him, and the possibility that he’ll be a backup for quite some time.

On joining John Elway and Peyton Manning in Denver:

“You know, I think it’s a quarterback’s dream. It really is. You know, I’m big into learning and that’s why I made this decision to enter the draft is, I wanted to go and learn from the best. And fortunately for me, it worked out to be John Elway and Peyton Manning and Coach Fox and the rest of the guys. And I just truly feel like there’s no better situation and I can promise everyone that my ears will be open every single day and I’m writing as many notes as I possibly can.”

On how high Denver was on his list of desired destinations :

“I think Denver is maybe one of the best, if not the best spot for me to go right now. And like I said, I could not be any more happy with their decision. I’m excited and I just cannot wait to get up to Denver and get to grinding and get to working for the organization.”

On if the Broncos staff has notified him of any changes they’d like to see from him:

“Not really. In fact, it seemed that the coaching staff was very happy with how far I had progressed since the end of the season. I gotta give a ton of credit to Noel Mazzone for working with me the past three months and improving my delivery, improving my footwork. And I feel like the coaching staff in Denver was very happy with the progress that I had made.”

On having to wait behind Peyton Manning, maybe for several years:

“You know, my job as a quarterback right now for the Broncos is to do what’s absolutely best for the football team. And if that’s to sit for two years behind Peyton Manning, or 10 years, or whatever the case may be, I’m just there to do what’s ever best for the football team and I just absolutely cannot wait to get started.”

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