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Brian Kelly’s Expectations At Notre Dame: “Win Every Game”

Bo Ryan, Jim Tressel, and Brian Kelly are three of the best and most respected head coaches in their respective sports. They are also part of a trend that makes a lot of sense. All three of those coaches led non-Division I schools to multiple NCAA national championships before moving to Division I. It should not be a surprise then, that when these coaches were given the reigns to Division I programs, they excelled, ultimately having great success at high-profile schools. Brian Kelly takes that idea a step further by taking over at the preeminent college football program in the history of the sport. And even though some of us may not want to root for the team, he’s the right guy for that job. There is no better way to describe Kelly than to say that he “gets it.” He perfectly understands how to leverage the media, encourage his fans and inspire his team. And he wins football games (171 wins to 57 losses in 19 years over three programs with little recent historical success).Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly joined Dan Patrick to discuss Joe Montana’s claim that most of the move Rudy was not real as well as Montana’s aspirations to get on Oprah to sell shoes, his personal expectations to win every game at Notre Dame, adjusting to the prestigious program and its traditions and how to beat Michigan this week.

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On Joe Montana’s claim that Rudy was just a movie and that not everything depicted in it was real:

“I can’t say that. I still think there is Santa Claus. I still think that Joe is really trying to sell these Skecher shoes. I think it’s going to get him probably on Oprah if he keeps it up… A Hollywood movie that’s embellished? Get out.”On his expectations at Notre Dame:“Win every game. I don’t come into any game with the thought that, ‘Let’s just play this one close.’ I’d be disappointed to lose any  game we play. I try to carve it up that way, Dan. Big picture, I really carve it up with 12 individual Saturdays throughout the year and wanting to be successful on that given Saturday… I really just have focused on the process more because I think if I’m flying at 35,000 feet and saying, ‘Hey, I’m the coach at Notre Dame.’ And, ‘Hey, we’re going to a BCS game.’ I’d jump out my window with those expectations… But certainly, we talk about championships and being an elite college football team.”

On the biggest adjustment to in-season coaching at Notre Dame:

“It’s a busy week. There are so many things that are wrapped around football here at Notre Dame from the pageantry of the pep rallies to the walk from the Basilica. There is so much leading up to the game that, to be quite honest with you, in the first week, you are almost drained when you get to the football game. We’ve taken safeguards this week to make sure that nobody, including the players are overexposed because it’s such an event on campus.”On his thoughts in the locker room before his first game at Notre Dame:“I want to make sure my team plays the same way that I see Notre Dame football teams play and how they should play. That is with the same passion and pride that our fan base has. Our fans wake up and go to sleep thinking about Notre Dame football. As a football team you have to exhibit on the field that same kind of passion and play with that kind of enthusiasm.” And on how to beat Michigan:“If we can control (Denard) Robinson. The thing that Robinson does it that he can control the clock. The time of possession. He can limit other offenses because they can control the clock so well with his ability to run the football.

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