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Brian Cushing on J.J. Watt: “I don’t know any guard that one-on-one can really take him in the NFL”

The Houston Texans seem to have every ingredient necessary to make a long postseason run and they’re off to a great start this season. Even though they haven’t played the most difficult schedule, the Texans have dismantled every opponent but one up until this point. Led by one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL and one of the nastiest defenses in the league, the Texans have quickly turned themselves into the class of the AFC and the most complete team in the NFL.Brian Cushing joined KBME in Houston with Charlie Pallilo to talk about making 4-0 look easy, whether it bothers them to give up so many yards rushing to Chris Johnson, on J.J. Watt and what he expects from the New York Jets this week.

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On making their 4-0 record look easy:

“It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a tough training camp and every single game we take serious and on any given Sunday any one can win. We know that. No opponent can be taken lightly and the preparation and work we put in is hard work so we make sure on Sunday that we win the game. The way we prepare and get ready throughout the week there’s a lot of sweat, blood and tears going into it and that continues on Sunday. Hopefully the outcome is a win.”

Whether it bothers them to give up so many yards rushing to Chris Johnson:

“I don’t think it eats us up at all. If you look at it, he had two or three big runs. If it was a close game I’d be a little concerned but we won by 24. People have asked me that question and it’s just one of those things where if anyone talks about that game negatively, I guess that’s one of those things. We’re still, I don’t know, top five in run defense and I think when it matters we will shut teams down.”

On J.J. Watt:

“When you think about pass rushers on teams you think of outside linebackers and defensive ends but I think it’s just the mismatch and the kind of tackle he is going against guards, it’s just so night and day. He’s so fluid with his movements, he’s strong, he’s physical, he’s fast and I don’t know any guard that one-on-one can really take him in the NFL.”

On the upcoming matchup with the Jets:

“It’s a national stage so they’re going to come out and play better than they did yesterday. That’s something we really don’t care about. We worry about preparing for ourselves and be the best team that we can be. We’re confident that when we can good things will happen.”

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