Brandon Spikes Emerges As Unlikely Hero In AFC Championship Game

Brandon Spikes Emerges as Unlikely Hero in AFC Championship Game

The game was supposed to be all about seeing if Tom Brady could master the Baltimore Ravens defense. In the end, it was more of an unlikely story as the New England Patriots defense was the difference. And that unit had an unlikely hero of its own in linebacker Brandon Spikes, who all but put the game away with a late interception.Spikes had a solid rookie year but had struggled to find his way on the field throughout this year. Now that he’s healthy, Spikes has been a difference-maker during the playoffs, and if you don’t believe it, just listen to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft grab the phone from him during this postgame interview to sing his praises.Brandon Spikes joined WEEI in Boston with Butch Stearns and Freddy Smerlas to discuss what it feels like to be going to the Super Bowl, stopping the Ravens and Joe Flacco and making the big late-game interception before Robert Kraft picks up the phone to weigh in on Spikes’ play.

What’s it like to know you’re going to the Super Bowl?:

“It’s a dream come true, a childhood dream. It really still hasn’t sunk in, but I’m just trying to take it all in right now and enjoy tonight with my teammates and family.”

Did Joe Flacco show you guys anything that you didn’t expect?:

“No he didn’t look different at all. We knew what we was going against; we knew what he was going to bring to the table. He did a great job getting his guys in the right position to make plays. We knew he was quick with his feet and he wasn’t just a sitting duck. Obviously he made plays on the scramble. We just wanted to contain that guy. … They’re real physical up front and did a great job coming out and rocketing off the ball. I think we came out and played good. You see the outcome.”

Take us through the interception:

“I was just doing my normal reads. I was responsible for the vertical and I’m a guy that wants to be accountable. I don’t want to let nobody down. I want to take my responsibilities and just make a play and I’ve done that. Right now it just hasn’t sunk in but it’s a childhood dream.”

At this point owner Robert Kraft grabbed the phone to share his thoughts on Spikes:

“Do you know how lucky we are to have Brandon Spikes on the team? He’s the man; he’s the man. He told me we were going to win that game and when he made that interception that was so cool. … He told me he was going to do it for Myra. And watching him and the way he’s played since he’s come back, and our defense, he and Patrick (Chung), what a difference. I love having this man on our team.”

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