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Brandon Marshall And Josh Mcdaniels Are At It Againtom Brady On Losing Wes Welker For The Playoffs: “there’s Nobody Who Can Substitute In For Wes And Think They’re Going To Be Wes.”

Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels are at it Again

Before the Broncos lost eight out of their last ten games I actually thought that Josh McDaniels and Brandon Marshall could coexist in Denver. Now after this past week, I don’t believe that will happen. Coach McDaniels benched Brandon Marshall for last weekend’s game because he wouldn’t play through a hamstring injury in a game that had playoff implications. As a coach you shouldn’t ever question your player’s manhood because that player will never respect you or want to play for you again. That is exactly how Marshall feels and now he is going to do everything he can to get out of Denver. If I were a betting man I would put my money and Brandon Marshall heading out of Denver and playing for Coach Mike Shanahan once he is named head coach of the Washington Redskins. This would allow for Marshall to get a fresh start and would give the Redskins a legitimate number one receiver which is much needed in Washington.Brandon Marshall joined 104.3 The Fan in Denver to talk about how he is doing, on what has happened in the last couple of weeks, what it feels like for the coach to question your toughness, and what specifically happened in the last two weeks that made coach bench him for last game.

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On How He Is Doing:

“Man I have been better. I have been better but it is hard for me as a player as a guy on this team to hear some of the things that is going on and not being able to clear up some of the things because I do this for a living. I feel like I am on the right track. Everything that I have done this year has been nothing but 100% commitment to the Denver Broncos and my teammates. I think if you go back to day one when I was a rookie and you look at film and compare it to today nothing has changed in my game. I am not a receiver that goes down. I am not a receiver that goes out of bounds before delivering a blow. I f you look at that even in the Philadelphia game I am always fighting for the extra yard after I got the first down. To say that I have given up on my teammates is just a disgusting feeling and it hurts.”On what has happened in the last couple of weeks:“Like I will say when you start losing there is a lot of things that are covered up comes to life but I have nothing but great things to say for Coach McDaniels. This organization which I have said since day one I was saying things that Mr. B is probably one of the best owners in all of sports. Coach McDaniels, I take my hat off to him because if it wasn’t for him I think the growth in me this year wouldn’t be there. If I wasn’t here as a Bronco and all of these loyal fans I don’t know where I would be.”

On what it feels like for the coach to question your toughness:“It hurts but you know Coach McDaniels is the head coach. He has all the right to say whatever he wants and to run the team how he wants and I have to respect that. But one things that I don’t like is people questioning how I play because I give it up on every single play. You can look at games where we are down by twenty points against the Steelers. Look at the Steelers game. It is fourth down, third down and I am still fighting and scratching when I am out there. It hurts but I respect coach and whenever you lose a lot of emotions and a lot of things come out and sometimes you look back and say that I should have done some things a little differently.” On what specifically happened in the last two weeks that made coach bench him for last game:“That there was surprising to me. That was surprising to me to hear that this has been brewing for a couple of weeks… If you look into coach’s comments after the Indianapolis game it was nothing but praises and that was just a couple of weeks ago. If you look into the media guides this week, when I was featured on the pregame magazine, nothing but great compliments from my teammates and my coaches. Coach McDaniels has said nothing but great things about my work ethic and how I prepare myself every day. Nothing has changed and the reason that I prepare myself like that is because I don’t want to be known in this league as just a wide receiver, as just a guy that made it there and that his dream came true. I want to be one of the best that has ever done it. I talk to Rod Smith about it all the time. Hey Rod I want to break all of your records. I am not here to just play behind you or play with you

I want to break your records and Rod has done nothing but mentored me to help me achieve that.”Whether he wants to come back and be a Bronco next year:“I love my teammates and I don’t think that decision is up to me because… (Host: If it was up to you, you would say…) I love this organization. I love this organization and unfortunately the business side of it there are so many people involved and so many different elements. I am a Bronco and I am always going to be a Bronco until they tell me differently.”Broncos WR Brandon Marshall joins Big Al, Dmac, and Mark Schlereth a day after being benched for the Broncos finale

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