Brandon Jennings Id Like To Be Compared To Allen Iverson


That title is what had many general managers sliding Brandon Jennings’ name down their prospective draft boards.  He’s been labeled as selfish, as a showman, and as a one man team.  Front office types were asking each other, ‘Can Jennings be our point guard?’  Some see that type of play in him, but others are dazzled by his incredible skill set and athleticism.  So, where does the balance lie?  Jennings has a couple things going for him: First, he went overseas to play in Italy for one season after college and wasn’t ‘The Man.’  He was humbled, he had to pass the ball, everyone on his team was treated equally.  Second, he’ll be coached in Milwaukee by Scott Skiles.  That man is no joke.  I’m not sure the two will love each other for a while; there are going to be some hard knocks in that relationship.  That would make for one reality TV show worth watching.  Jennings joined ESPN 540 in Milwaukeeto discuss if he’s happy to be in Milwaukee, why he went overseas, and the conversation he had with Skiles.

Do you wanna be a Milwaukee Buck?

“First thing, I do wanna be here.  I am excited that I did get picked by the Milwaukee Bucks to play for coach Scott.  I’m just here to put some fans in the stands and have an exciting show every night.”

Why did you go overseas?  Was it because you had problems with your SAT?

“The whole thing about the SAT, I was waiting for my SAT score which I never have gotten back and I just had to make a decision: whether to go overseas or workout for a year.  The workout thing for a year wouldn’t have worked… So, of course I chose the route to go overseas, and I think it’s the best decision I made so far.  I didn’t play a lot, but all the things I learned, I couldn’t have learned last year.”

Have you spoke with coach Scott Skiles?

“We did spend time together.  He is a point guard, he was a point guard, he lead the NBA in assists.  You know, I’m really excited, I know I can learn a lot from him… The first thing he asked me, he said, ‘Who was the point guard to lead the NBA in assists?’  And, of course, I said, ‘Mark Jackson,’ that was wrong.  And, he said, ‘If you had 29, do you think I’d leave you in the game?’  And, I said, ‘Nah,’ and he said, ‘No, I would go ahead and let you break it.’  We just had a good conversation, he said I have to come in and earn my minutes, and he’s gonna be tough on me.”

What NBA player does he himself morphing in to the down the road?

“I like what Rajon Rondo in the playoffs and also Allen Iverson.  His whole career, he’s about my size and he’s just ruthless, he doesn’t care.  He plays every game like it’s his last.”

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