Brad Miller Is A Big Factor In The Playoffs


No one would have expected that title (see: above) this season.  Unless we’re talking about being the goat, which Miller had been labeled after missing two free throws to tie game five in overtime versus the Celtics.  I mean, he even missed the rim when he purposefully tried to miss the second one.  Gotta give him a little leeway though, the foul that sent him to the line had his mouth gushing blood.Game six?  It was like the Brad Miller we saw in Sacramento who made sweet dishes to Vlade, C-Webb, and Bibby.  At the end of regulation, Miller was a huge part of sending it to the first of three overtimes, hitting his first seven shots of the game and finishing with 23 points.  The man has lost a step, but the basketball brain is still there.  He threw a gorgeous bounce pass that he caught and flung simultaneously to Joakim Noah for a score.  The Kings flashbacks came flooding in with that show-stopper.  This Bulls team has brought some serious life to the first round.  Casual fans are really taking notice of the NBA – four of the six games have gone to OT with seven overtime periods between Boston and Chicago.  Brad Miller joined KHTK in his old stomping grounds of Sacramento to discuss the uniqueness of the series, the evolution of Derrick Rose, and Joakim Noah stepping up, and the hard foul he received from Rajon Rondo.

On how special this series has been:

“I think everyone realizes just how crazy the games are.  You expect only one of these shots to go in and they keep going in on both sides of the teams.  It’s definitely a lot of fun; a lot of highs, a lot of lows.”

On Joakim Noah’s play at the end of Game 6:

“That’s unbelievable.  You really couldn’t believe he just did that.  That’s insane, and a big guy to do it.  And, it was [Paul Pierce’s] 6th foul.  What a way to foul out.”

On Derrick Rose:

“He just stepped up I think.  Obviously, to be able to come out and have a Game 1 the way he did is just going to help your confidence out that much more… He’s just grown and obviously he’s made some tough mistakes at times, but he’s also made a lot of good plays. When this guy gets it all figured out, he’s going to be something special.”

On talking to his friend, Mikki Moore:

“Actually he kinda semi-talked to me a little bit last night and said he can’t.  They’d get mad at him so I haven’t talked to him too much.  I texted him a bit but haven’t been allowed to talk to him too much.”

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