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Bill The Chin Cowher Has Playoff Hockey Fever

Bill ‘The Chin’ Cowher Has Playoff Hockey Fever

Many NFL fans and denizens of the Pittsburgh Steelers in particular wonder when former head coach Bill Cowher is going to make his return to the sidelines. Cowher, who lives in North Carolina, has been adamant since retiring from the Steelers at the end of theseason that he’s content doing his studio work for NBC and is in no rush to discontinue spending time with his family for the stresses of life as an NFL head coach.One thing that he’s had time to do is catch the fever surrounding the local hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes. Coach Cowher joined WRAL in Raleigh to talk about his life away from the National Football League and to talk about his latest hobby, following the playoff run of his local NHL team.

On the excitement of playoff hockey and the skill involved at this level of hockey:

“Well you know what, I’ve really come to appreciate the game. The more, you know, certainly everyone’s gotten caught up in it with this playoff run that the ‘Canes have been on. But I watched hockey a lot, I grew up in Pittsburgh and followed the Penguins, even in the middle of the ’90s when I went back there as a head coach. And that’s when they had Lemieux and Jagr and our own Ron Francis, so you really got to appreciate the skill level that these guys have. It’s a unique game from the standpoint that there is a lot of strategy. I think, more than the average man might think. There’s a lot of precision that goes in to it, the balance you have to have on the ice.”

On who he’ll be cheering for if the Hurricanes and Penguins meet in the Eastern Conference Finals:

“You know what, I hope I have that problem!”

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