Best Guide To Buying Used Golf Clubs

Would you like to buy used clubs but concerned that you might not get a good deal ? This post provides you with some good tips on what to look for and what to look out for when you are looking for used golf clubs. 

Buy Used Clubs

There are basic parts to any golf club. It has the grip, the shaft and the clubhead. Each part has its specific features to focus on when thinking of buying used.

1. Grip. You can tell a lot about the club by merely looking at the extent of wear seen on the grip. Is it cracking or showing worn or chipped areas? Then this specific club may need a new grip fairly soon. Though getting a new grip is not hard , it can add around ten dollars to the price of the club and may make buying used less advantageous then buying new.

2. Shaft. Your club shafts will likely be steel or graphite, both are quality materials but here are some things you want to consider :

a. Graphite shafts. Clubs with graphite shafts weigh less than their steel counterparts. What this means to a golfer is a quicker swing speed which could add an extra 5 to 15 yards from the club . Graphite shafts are more expensive than steel shafts but will transmit fewer vibrations into the hands of the golfer, which make graphite shafts more appealing for new golfers .

b. Steel shafts. Clubs with steel shafts can be the desired material for scratch golfers because the solid steel gives subtle feedback to the golfer’s hands and a sense of more control throughout the swing. Steel shafts will cost less but are better suited to golfers with a low handicap.

3. Clubhead. The clubheads can reveal how much the club has been played . If you see a worn or shiny area on the face of the club you are better off not buying that club. Thw worn area could cause poor contact when hitting the ball. Look to make sure the grooves on the clubhead are deep and well defined. Buying used clubs can be a good way to save cash but keep in mind that newer clubs that arrive on the market are priced up initially and then usually to drop in price. Therefore, before you click the “Buy Now” button on that used golf club, be certain to look up the cost on the new club…you might be in for a nice surprise . Nice weather is soon upon us and people everywhere are reaching into the back of their garage organizer systems and pulling out last year’s clubs. It’s time to add a quality new or used club to your bag. It may be exactly what you need to move into a new golf year .

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