Best Famous Golfers Of All Time

Golf originated in Scotland.It was played knocking stones into rabbit holes. The previous permanent golf course started in Scotland. Scotland started the golf rules. It also started 18 hole course. It introduced club membership. The major championships are the four most respectable men’s tournaments. Four important championships were played.

The basic golfing techniques are, golf grip and a good swing. You should hold properly. You should also swing correctly. A good follow-through go together with with a good swing give a perfect result. Golf has many accessories. They are required in playing.

There are many famous golfers known to its history. Eldrick Tont “Tiger Woods”, an American golfer born in 1975 is probably the first name to cross any golfer’s mind.. He is now the highest professional golfer according to the official world golf rankings. When Woods entered the world of golf he was only thirteen years old, and went on to win six junior championships.. Tiger Woods golf method are very popular as beginners try to learn from the master. His swing position was good. People followed his idea. His golf swing was pure power.

Gary Player, a Soth African, born in 1935, is one of the most famous players in golf.. In his tenure of play, he has won at least 166 professional tournaments, with nine famous major championshipship win. There were three Big Players. Gary was one among them.

Jack Nicklaus, widely known as “Golden Bear” was one of the supreme golfers. Nicklaus was born in 1940. He was born in Columbus. Nicklaus had made the game of golf popular, as is seen today. He won Ohio Junior title. He was twelve years old. He became a expert in 1962 and won the US Open. He had won many competitions. The past of golf considers him as one of the great putter and longest hitting golfer. Arnold Palmer was the most famous golfer to challenge Jack Nicklaus.. During his occupation he had won a hundred of golfing contest. He has won four Vardon Trophies, four awards for being the PGA Tour Money Winner, two PGA Player of the Year awards and many more. .

There are other famous who plays golf like Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Gary Player, Seve Ballesteros, Harry Vardon and Nick Faldo. We also have Gene Sarazen, the first golfer to win the career grand slam award.. He was alongwith the inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Sarazen’s originality also included a weighted practice club.. He was of the belief, for enlarging the hole size and adding more made putts will enhance the popularity of the sport.

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