BenJarvus Green-Ellis Enjoys His Early Role With The Cincinnati Bengals


BenJarvus Green-Ellis Enjoys His Early Role With The Cincinnati Bengals

BenJarvus Green-Ellis may have been overlooked as a former member of the New England Patriots offense, but he’s now got a chance in Cincinnati. The man is known as the “The Law Firm” refuses to bad mouth the Patriots in the following interview. Green-Ellis would rather not compare places. No.42 has rushed for 166 yards and a touchdown this season.BenJarvus Green-Ellis joined ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. on Inside the Locker Room to discuss loving life as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, his impressions of the Washington Redskins’ defense, the Bengals being a successful football team, his role on the Bengals’ offense and the differences between Cincinnati and New England.

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How do you like things up in Cincinnati so far?

“I’m loving it. Things are going well. We are coming off of our first win and we are looking forward to the opportunity to go out to FedEx Field and compete and come out with another one.”

What bothers you about the Redskins’ defense this Sunday?

“You know just like not really worry, but just like all defenses, they present challenges that try to make things difficult for us. They are really stout upfront even though they lost Brian Orakpo, but they still have a good front and those guys do a good job of jamming and rerouting the receivers in the secondary and also the linebackers, so we have our hands full.”

What’s the main thing the Bengals have to do in order to be successful?

“We just have to go out and play good football. We have to take advantage of things when we have them. When things are called and we’re supposed to win those downs, we have to win them. Dead plays have to be dead. When we have plays we just have to make them. That’s the only thing I took out of it. We just have to make plays when our number is called on.”

What’s the difference between your role now in Cincinnati compared to when you were in New England?

“I’m not sure. It’s only two weeks into the season and every week I just go out and prepare and practice as hard as I can and go out there on Sunday, and if my number is called give it 110 percent effort with whatever I am doing. Whatever I am involved in the passing game, the running game, or whatever I am doing, just give 110 percent effort and make sure that I am doing my job while I am out there.”

The biggest difference from being in Cincinnati as opposed to being in New England?

“I really try to never compare places. I always tell people… it’s a question I get a lot and it’s just like a job. Anywhere you go is going to be different. Everyone takes on the attitude of their head coach and their owner and things like that. With different personalities, I assume all 32 teams will be different. One person may be different in this way and another might be different in that way. You have to go in and learn and adapt and just try to fit in.”

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