Antrel Rolle: “Thank God That Wes [Welker] Didn’t Make That Catch. It Wasn’t Their Time.”


Antrel Rolle has been vocal all year long for the New York Giants becoming well known for his coined phrase ‘at the end of the day.’ It was an up-and-down year for Rolle even wanting out of New York by Week 15. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that No.26 was very honest when it came to his opinion on the most critical play of Super Bowl XLVI involving Wes Welker dropping a pass that was thrown to his opposite shoulder that he got his hands on but couldn’t haul in. Everyone has their own take on the play and who to blame for this one. Rolle gives some insight on how the New York Giants defense was not ready in terms of coverage on this particular play and really from the sound of it the Patriots missed a golden opportunity as noted by our staff here at SRI.

Antrel Rolle joined XX 1090 Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith to discuss the feeling of being a Super Bowl champion, Tom Coughlin being a passionate head coach, Tom Coughlin’s speech over the weekend, Wes Welker’s crucial dropped pass late in the 4th quarter and defending Rob Gronkowski.

How does it feel 24 hours later?

“Oh man it feels outstanding. It feels outstanding and it’s something that no one can ever take away from you. It’s well deserved and we are just living it up right now. We are trying to soak in every bit of it and just we live it out to the fullest.”

What was it like over the weekend with Tom Coughlin preparing for this game?

“Coach Coughlin is amazing for us. He’s been amazing and most of all he is a very, very passionate guy. He’s a very passionate guy with a passionate attitude about coaching and that’s something we appreciate as players and that’s something we need as players. We are going to go out there and make sure we give it our all – give it our all – and give it our all for him and to make sure he will not be denied. Make sure we will not be denied and this is the outcome we got.”

What’s so special about Tom Coughlin’s speech? Did he deliver the speech of all speeches on Saturday night?

“It was just very personal. It was very personal and above all you know it came from the heart. It wasn’t about football. It wasn’t about us going out there and winning the game. It was about us as individuals. It was about us as men. It was about him as a man. I think that’s where we understood where the passion comes from deep inside.”

How much of a good view did you have on the Wes Welker dropped pass?

“Well actually there was a communication error on that play. That was guys playing two different coverages and we tried to relay the right coverage down, but once you’re locked in…you are locked in. We tried to relay the coverage a little too late. Some guys were playing one coverage while others were playing another, but through it all things like that happen. Things like that tend to get away from you in the game and we just thank god that Wes didn’t make that catch. It wasn’t their time. It wasn’t their time. Everyone has a fair…has a time where…they needed their time. Yesterday just wasn’t New England’s time. They’re an outstanding football team. One of the best football teams I have ever played against and I don’t like going up against them too much because I know what they bring to the table. With that being said we got to go out there and do what we need to do as a team. Go out there and be the best we can be.”

What was the big difference in Rob Gronkowski in this game?

“I really wasn’t too much focused on Gronkowski to be honest with you. I mean I don’t pay any more attention to him than I pay attention to any other opponent. I made sure I stayed focused on the guy who I was covering. I wasn’t on him very much. To be honest with you I didn’t pay that much attention to him.”

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