Andy Reid: It Was A Team Debacle

Andy Reid and the Eagles are disappointed in the game Sunday because they LOST to the OAKLAND RAIDERS! A week after  the Raiders were destroyed by the Giants in a 44-7 rout, the Eagles came to Oakland thinking that they had already won the game before stepping on the field. The Eagles were coming off back-to-back weeks in which the offense scored 30+ points and on Sunday they failed to score a touchdown and were the first team in 3 years to do so against the Raiders. After the loss, Andy Reid stated that they were outcoached and outplayed and that is exactly what transpired.

Next Monday night, the Eagles look to get back on track as they travel to play the Redskins who are coming off of another embarrassing loss to the Chiefs. If the Eagles want a shot at the division title this year, I would advise them to beat the Redskins Monday. Andy Reid joined WIP in Philadelphia to talk about the day after a loss never being a good day, Jason Peters getting injured and how it affected the offense, what his middle linebacker rotation would be if Omar Gaither isn’t going to play, whether he would agree that his team wasn’t there mentally in Oakland, how he gets a team to prepare for a game in which they should definitely beat the other team, and whether the team is looking to do anything at the trade deadline.


On the day after a loss never being a good day:

“No it is not, but it good to have all of these Philly fans here I tell you what.  I tell you I am pulling for the Phillies big today.  (Editor’s note:  Reid was doing his weekly show at a sports bar a few hours before game 4 of the NLCS) We didn’t play very well at all.  That is an understatement.  I didn’t coach very well…either did my assistants.  It was a team debacle I guess you would say that needs to get fixed before Monday night when we play the Washington Redskins.”

On Jason Peters getting injured and how it affected the offense:

“It did actually.  King Dunlap came in and did a respectable job.  He had 2or 3 plays where Seymour got some push on him and pushed him back into the backfield.  A good experience for the kid.  Really our offensive line we can do better.  We are  better offensive line than what we showed.  The inside 3, I have got a lot of respect for those guys and they had a hands full yesterday and we need to get that worked out.”

On Jason Peters injury:

“I think he is going to be ok.  He has been living in the training room today trying to get himself back.  He got both a knee and an ankle and if he doesn’t seem right he should be ready for Monday night.”

On what his middle linebacker rotation would be if Omar Gaither isn’t going to play:

“Well we worked Gocong in there with…  We worked Fokou at the buck linebacker.  Trot is here and Mays is there as usual.  We have some different options that we can work in.”

On whether he would agree that his team wasn’t there mentally in Oakland:

“I would say that we weren’t as sharp as we needed to be and when I say: they were better at coaching and they were better at playing, that was a package deal right there…It is my responsibility to get our football team ready to go.  I didn’t think it was an intensity thing as much as much as it was assignments and adjustments to the things that they showed.  When you play a team that, first of all you should play desperate football every week, when you got a team that is playing desperate there are going to be things that show up unexpected and that is what they did.  They showed us some things and we have got veteran players that should be able to adjust to that and veteran coaches that should be able to adjust to it and we didn’t do a good job.”

On why the offensive line was seeing things they weren’t prepared for:

“Every game you are going to get a couple of things that are new, teams that gameplan.  You bank on experience.  There wasn’t a thing in that game that we have not seen but again you are going to focus in on some things that they have shown.  If a team brings something out of a hat you bank on your centers and your guards that have got the experience, your left tackle that is capable…You bank on those guys to make adjustments on the move along with your line coach.  We did that.  We made the sideline adjustments and we didn’t accomplish it as we went back out on the field.  We have got to do better at that.  I expect more out of the coaches and the players to be able to make those adjustments.  I have got a lot of confidence that they will do that.  We didn’t do it this game so we have to get back on the drawing board.  All of a sudden you have opened up a weakness there and you know the Washington Redskins are going to step in and challenge you and so you have to amp it up another notch coming into this Monday night game.”

On whether the team is looking to do anything at the trade deadline:

“Well the thing we are doing is we are…Yeah there are talks but that happens very year.  Whether something happens or not you don’t know. You know people when you get down to that trade deadline people have a tendency to get cold feet.  We are one of the teams that are willing to move and shuffle and do things.  I can’t say that about everybody as you go but we are looking.  I think everybody would probably tell you the same thing.  Whether it takes place or not we will see over the next day.”

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