Andy Dalton Could Hear His Name Called Earlier Than Originally Expected Tonight

The day of unpredictability is now upon us. All of this discussion about the end of the lockout and the legal jargon that has come with it will not overshadow the first round of the NFL Draft tonight. And what a night it should be, if solely based on the fact that it seems like one of the hardest first rounds to predict in recent memory. Quarterback Andy Dalton certainly fits in that boat. The TCU product has seen his name involved with so many teams he’s probably forgotten a few that are on the list. He was once thought of as a probable late first-round pick, and could still wind up going there, but news has come out this week that he may go much earlier. His selection hinges on whether Carolina drafts Cam Newton with the top overall pick, but don’t be surprised if Dalton winds up hearing his name called amongst the first 10 picks. Then again, don’t be surprised if it isn’t, either.

Andy Dalton joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss what he’s hearing about when he’ll be picked, his draft party, if he was asked during pre-draft meetings about his red hair, the most personal question he was asked, what the players do this year after they’re drafted and where he thinks he and his fiancee will be moving.

What is he hearing in terms of where he could go in the draft?:

“I’ve heard all over the place, so I don’t really know what to believe and what not. So I’m just going in just excited to get the opportunity to get drafted.”

How, then, do you plan a draft party if you don’t know when to tell people to come over?:

“Right, it’s definitely something that we’re going to celebrate what’s going on. It’s a chance for me to get drafted, something that everybody’s excited about and something that I’ve worked very hard for. … It’s a celebration in that. How long we have to wait, we don’t know, but it’s going to be fun just to hang out and see what happens.”

How many questions has he had from NFL-related people about his red hair?:

“I really haven’t gotten any. I guess the only one is ‘Who has been the most successful red-headed quarterback?’ … No one has really brought it up. Obviously that report came out that one coach said that, but I didn’t even see exactly what was said. … I don’t think my red hair is going against me.”

What was the most personal question he was asked?:

“There wasn’t one thing that stood out. Everybody tries to get to know you and see your personality and try to get your background and all that kind of stuff. But there’s not one question that sticks out.”

What will he do when the draft is over?:

“That’s the thing that I’m not exactly sure and we’re trying to figure out was what’s going to happen with everything. Right now I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen.”

Has he spoken with his fiancee about where he thinks they’re going to move after the draft?:

“We’ve had [that conversation] but it doesn’t matter where we think we’re going because we don’t get to pick. We’ll find out.”

Is he a fan of any team?:

“Being in Texas, I watched the Cowboys and when the Texans came, I followed the Texans. But I never had a team that was like my team, that I was a huge fan of.”

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