André Luís Silva de Aguiar


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André Luís Silva de Aguiar Profile –

Nationality -Brazil Birth Date -1994-03-09
Height (cm) -182.88 Weight (kg) -77.1
Key Positions -ST Overall Ratings -68
Preferred Foot -Right


National Team Details

  1. National Team Name –
  2. National Jersey Number –
  3. National Team Position –


Club Name Details –

  1. Club Name -GD Chaves
  2. Club Join Date -2018-08-31
  3. Club Position -SUB
  4. Club Jersey Number -14
  5. Contract End Year -2022


Key Percentage Score [Out of 100 ]

  1. Crossing Score -36
  2. Dribbling Score -65
  3. Curve Score -57
  4. Sprint Speed Score -67
  5. Finishing Score -71

Key Player Skills and Traits

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