Alex Smith and Dwayne Bowe Discuss a New Era for the Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs are getting a makeover as a very exciting offseason continues for a team that won only two games last year. New coach, new general manager, new quarterback in Alex Smith, but same old stud receiver, with Dwayne Bowe locked up long-term. Alex Smith joined Between the Lines and Dwayne Bowe joined the Border Patrol on WHB in Kansas City to discuss a monumental offseason for Chiefs football. Smith touched on his feelings regarding leaving San Francisco, his progression as a quarterback, his job security, his contract situation, and his backup, Chase Daniel. Bowe talked about his new long-term deal in KC, the Smith acquisition, the franchise tag, Scott Pioli, this revamped offense, and his drive going forward after signing a five-year contract.

Smith on the most recent regime in San Francisco being fair to him:

“Yeah, this last group was very fair to me. They were very honest, up front the entire time, which is what you want. You appreciate that honesty at this level, and they kept their word. I appreciate that. No hard feelings. Obviously I loved my time there, but moving on. I’m excited to be here, looking forward.”

Smith on if he feels he’s a much better quarterback now than he was in the early years of his career:

“Without a doubt. I came from a unique system in college and adjusting to the pro systems and the defenses and offenses, it took some time. But no question, I’ve played a lot of football, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been in a lot of offenses, which has its advantages as well. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot of football from a lot of different minds, and how they see things.”

Smith on Chase Daniel being brought in to back him up:

“This is a physical game, things happen. You want the best team possible, and it’s no different than the quarterback room. The quarterback room is a unique thing — you want the best group in there, guys who are gonna work hard, push each other. I think most quarterbacks take pride in being the most competitive guys on the team, and you want that room to be like that. You want those guys to push each other, to grow. And Chase is a guy that got to see it done at a high level. Sat behind Drew [Brees], got to see the way he works and what they did on offense, and is gonna bring a unique perspective. So I’m excited. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing if you’re a Chiefs fan.”

Smith on if he received any assurances that the Chiefs wouldn’t draft a quarterback first overall:

“That stuff’s outside of my control. Those aren’t decisions I get to make. I play football. I’m not worried about that. Of course, they’re going to bring in the best arms they can. We certainly aren’t going to go into camp with two guys, three guys. That’s not the way it is. They’re gonna bring in the arms, they’re gonna bring in the guys they want to bring in and that’s not something I’m concerned about. It’s gonna happen, it’s inevitable, so for me it’s just a matter of being prepared. … I think it speaks for itself in the trade, if you want to look for it from that aspect. But for me, like I said, those aren’t my decisions.”

Smith on if there’s been any talk of a new contract or an extension with the Chiefs:

“That’s not something I’ve talked to my agent about. Haven’t heard anything. Obviously that’s something he handles for me. But that’s not something I’m opposed to and that’s not something I definitely want at this point. For me, I have two years left [on my current contract], so the nature of this business the way football works anyway, you can sign a 10-year deal but we all know that this is a year-to-year deal. And that’s the way it works. You have to prove yourself year in and year out, week to week. So you could sign on for as many years as you want, and maybe it’ll happen and maybe it won’t. I don’t know at this point.”

Bowe on his reaction to the Smith acquisition:

“When they made the move I was ecstatic. I was like, ‘Wow, great move.’ I hadn’t met him yet but from hearing [guys] in San Francisco he’s a real cool guy, a leader. That was a great move. … I’m excited to work with Alex.”
Bowe on why he decided to sign rather than testing the waters as a free-agent:
“It’s all about loyalty. … I’ve been there since ’07 and it’s been some great years and good people rolling in and out of that building.”

Bowe on if he would have re-signed with the Chiefs if Scott Pioli were still the general manager:

“I don’t know. I can’t speak on that. I don’t think [about it], but it’s football at the end of the day. It’s nothing personal. I think I would’ve. I might have been franchised or something.”

Bowe on his relationship with Pioli:

“A working relationship. … You know how it is at work. You gotta talk with your boss, you gotta get everything straight. We had a little ups and downs but it wasn’t nothing personal. It was all on the field and he taught me how to be a better professional, so I want to thank Scott for that.”

Bowe on the franchise tag:

“It’s not a bad deal. People look at it like franchise tag is a bad deal; you’re still making well more than enough money to take care of your family. And end of the day, it’s football. You can’t worry about what they wanna do, you just gotta adapt to what they do. … I told Branden [Albert] just take every day slowly.”
Bowe on people thinking that he might become complacent now that he has the security of a long-term contract:
“Everybody who knows me knows I go to work. I do my job, I do it hard, and that’s not a question. … That will never happen.”

Bowe on the Chiefs offense:

“It’s going to be special, it’s going to be great. Andy knows what he’s doing, he’s a powerhouse when it comes to putting an offense together. Grabbing [Donnie] Avery was a real, real plus. Him and one side and then [Jonathan] Baldwin, and then me. I just can’t wait to see it all together. It’s like a puzzle, he’s a big jigsaw puzzle, man. He’s putting all the puzzle pieces together, and I can’t wait till all the pieces connect and we start working out and training. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to definitely be a turnaround from last year.”

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