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Adrian Peterson Speed Merchant Workout Warrior And Fast Food Frequentor

Adrian Peterson  Speed Merchant, Workout Warrior and Fast Food FrequentorWant to be like Adrian Peterson, the most explosive and dynamic running back in the National Football League?

Well, it probably ain’t happening. Sorry. But if you’re persistent and want to give it a go, perhaps you could start by watching the Vikings star new workout video titled All Day with Adrian Peterson. Through five weeks of the NFL season, Peterson is a close second in the NFL in rushing with 481 yards. His seven rushing touchdowns are tops in the league, and as he’ll tell you, most importantly, his Vikings team is also 5-0 and set to take on the might Baltimore Ravens defense in Minneapolis.  Peterson joined Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio to talk about his workout video, what he eats in a typical day, and the fast start that his team is off to in the NFL season.

On how often he would eat what most of us consider ‘junk food’:

“Maybe two or three times a week, two times a week. Maybe like a Big Mac or something. You know, I eat like two or three meals a day, so I actually have someone, a personal chef that cooks for me maybe like four times a week, or three times a week whenever I need it. But I definitely go to Burger King or Mickey D’s to grab my bad food from time to time.””

On when he realized he could play professional football:

“Actually even before I started playing organized football at the age of 7, I always dreamed that and looked at it that way. Just playing football with the guys in my neighborhood. I always played with the older guys, was out-running those guys, was more physical than those guys. And once I started playing organized football and really go up against the best guys in our area, I was out there dominating. And I was dominating in a big way – not to sound cocky or anything, but I was really out there faster than everyone.  But I really didn’t gain my size until my freshman year in high school, but I came out and could see how fast I was.”

On if Brett Favre gets along well with his teammates and fits in well despite being so much older than everybody else for the most part:

“Oh definitely, he’s just like one of the guys. He’s down to earth. He fits in well. He definitely don’t feel like a grandfather or dad in the locker room. He’s hilarious, he’s got a great personality and he always keeps a smile on people’s face.”

On if he’s the fastest guy on the Vikings:

“Yes I am.”Even faster than Percy Harvin?“Yes, and that’s an argument right now to this day. We’re trying to set it up and make arrangements. God willing, after the season we’re going to line up and we’re going to run a 100 meter or a dash. We’re going to settle this. And if you ask Percy Harvin if he’s faster than me, he’s going to tell you I love his mentality.”

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