Aaron Murray: “My Heart Told Me I Needed One More Year”


After losing the SEC Championship in heartbreaking fashion, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray had to step back, clear his head and make a decision about his future. It was either return to Georgia to try to dethrone Alabama in his final season with the ‘Dawgs or enter the NFL Draft with a pretty weak class at the quarterback position. Murray decided to follow his heart and it led him back to Georgia. While any decision like this is a complete risk, just ask Matt Barkley, Murray has a chance to be the conference’s all-time leader in a number of statistical categories and having 10 offensive players back will help make the Bulldogs one of the most prolific offenses in the country. Aaron Murray joined WCNN in Atlanta with Buck and Kincade to talk about how tough it was for him to watch Alabama win the National Championship, why he decided to come back for his senior year at Georgia, on how special his senior season will be, whether the other QB’s in the draft played a part in his decision to return to school, and how nice it will be to return with the amount of talent Georgia has coming back.

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How tough it was for him to watch Alabama win the National Championship:

“It was tough to know that could have been us. We were five yards short of playing in that game but I think it definitely helps us out though. When people look at Georgia and know that we played Alabama right to the end of the game and we were five yards short. I definitely think we are back on the map and back where Georgia needs to be.”

Why he decided to come back for his senior year at Georgia:

“Just the opportunity to number one be a four-year starter. I think that is an awesome thing and I think I’m definitely blessed to be able to play this many games as a quarterback in the SEC. And just another chance to be able to compete for some championships. That’s my goal and that has always been my goal since I’ve been here is to win and to have another shot at that is definitely something I really want to have and I do and I’m excited about it.”

On how special his senior season will be:

“Oh, it definitely does. It’s a great feeling. Every year you move up in our team media room. You start in the back and by the time you’re a senior you are up in the front. It’s kind of crazy to be the old guy on the team right now, probably one of the oldest guys on the team but it’s a great feeling knowing we have made it through as a senior class and finally made it to the front row. Also, just every year when you go back and look at days like the end of the year senior gala, which is a special time and senior day, just so many things that I would be missing if I would have left early. Things that I will remember the rest of my life once they happen next year.”

How much the other quarterbacks played a role in his decision to return to Georgia:

“There was definitely a lot of positives to leaving early and just the amount of quarterbacks leaving this year and everything like that, but I thought there were some areas of improvement that I still need to make as a quarterback when it comes to continuing to master our offense, continuing to master the playbook, continue to work on my mobility, footwork within the pocket and my accuracy. I’m definitely going to have some lofty goals set for myself for next season with what I want to do and where I want to lead this team. There were a lot of positives and negatives to both sides and I definitely weighed them out but in the end, my heart told me I needed one more year to be back with my teammates and have some fun.”

How nice it will be to return to Georgia with all the players the team has coming back:

“I think we’re very excited. I think it all starts up front with our offensive line. Those guys had a tremendous year, got to work with each other and continued to communicate. I think a whole ‘nother offseason of spring, summer, and camp, that front five is just going to be tremendous next year so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Then you look at all the skill when it comes to running back, the tight ends are playing extremely well and I think we have a lot of depth next year at receiver, probably the most depth we have had since I have been here. I’m definitely excited about that as well.”

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