World Ji Do Kwan Federation – Assocation Profile

World Ji Do Kwan Federation – Assocation Profile

Master Herb McGuire, with the assistance of Master Amaury Murgado, founded the World Ji Do Kwan Federation (WJDKF) in an effort to continue promoting the style of Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. We here at the WJDKF do not want the Ji Do Kwan style of Taekwondo lost to future generations. For the record, 99.99% of the financial support of the WJDKF presently is with Master McGuire. We hope as time goes by and good Ji Do Kwan members join we can become a larger force in the TKD arena and more financially solvent. A few of the newer clubs that have joined have started paying some dollars for certificates but nothing like you see on the Web page. Most of the prices are there to discourage paper seekers.

As you may know, some martial art sites promote their members at a fast rate — we do not! If someone can provide legitimate documentation then we will recognize their ranking and issue a Dan Certificate. We are not in the business of passing out certificates just to paste the walls of some backroom.We do not want “Paper Tigers” here at the WJDKF, which is what is coming from some Federations (one which we spoke about when you called). We try to filter out the phonies and recruit true martial artist. We want good martial artist, not just talkers or phonies. Master Amaury is our Vice President and he brought the term “Paper Tigers” to our vocabulary. He is very knowledgeable in the history of TKD and many styles and forms of martial arts.

Here is a short brief that our vice president (Amaury Murgado) has provided the Federation.We like to use as an overview of the WJDKF’s position and direction. BTW, Our Vice President is (Murgado@Nivets.Com), a 3rd Dan KTA/KKW, 5th Dan WJDKF and also acts as our Historian. We recommend that you communicate with him as time permits. He is a very honest and straightforward man and will be able to help you with most questions you may have. We hope that this information We am sending you will help you understand where the WJDKF is coming from and where it is going.

Amaury writes:

Master McGuire is the founder and president of the WJDKF. From 1974 – 1978 Master McGuire learned Taekwondo (Ji Do Kwan) from Master Kuk Do Chun (Master Randy K. D. Chun, 7th Dan, Retired). Master Chun first learned at the Seoul Ji Do Kwan School under Master BAE, Young Ki (The first Ji Do Kwan Dan Member) and Master LEE, Chong Woo. Also, Master Chun was the first instructor to open a Taekwondo Dojang in Hawaii, starting in 1969. Master McGuire lived in Korea for over ten years and reads and writes the language. He has a Korean wife and obviously an extended family in Korea. He stays in very close touch with his former classmates, instructors and the Korea Ji Do Kwan Association.

At present the Korea Ji Do Kwan Association is offering little support for Ji Do Kwan outside of Korea. That does not stop, minimize or reduce our efforts by any means. In time, we feel we will obtain their support. We need to increase our numbers and show the Koreans that we are very serious. And would like to continue to promote Ji Do Kwan. They have acknowledged us as individuals, wish us well, but have not recognized us as an organization this point. For the record, they have not recognized any organization outside of Korea other than those in the Olympic charters of the WTF.

As an organization, we honor any Hyungs (form) that have been used during the history of Ji Do Kwan. The older Shotokan style, the middle styles Palgwes or the present and modern Tegueks. The WTF model is the most popular. My position is that as long as the forms are being done correctly, the goals and outcome are the same. We want good martial arts by good martial artists. In the beginning, we did only accept the WTF forms, but have since expanded our views. We wanted to recognize all the time periods of Ji Do Kwan. With the absence of guidance from the Korea Ji Do Kwan Association, the forms used are dependent on when the instructor learned them. Ji Do Kwan can be broken down into early, transitional and present forms.

There is usually a question if the WJDKF supports or promotes Point or Olympic type sparring. We do both, yet we do not push the Dojang to one or the other. The individual organization or Dojang may choose to do either, both or none. This is dependant on what the schools focus is; martial sport or martial art. We probably have a 50/50 split here at the WJDKF, with some participating in WTF competition events and the others not. Some prefer not to compete at all in Olympic style sparring and prefer the Karate type tournaments where all your skills are used. Master McGuire does the WTF. Side of the house, We concentrate on the self-defense side. It depends on what your individual goals are for you and your students. We at the WJDKF do not push or interfere with the route you choose. We just want to promote Ji Do Kwan in any form..

The most important message that I hope you take from this is that we are not a paper pushing or a certificate printing organization. Our main goal is the preservation of the Ji Do Kwan. If you have any more questions, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

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